What is the current status of construction on new Aquatic Facilities at VFW and/or Legion Park in De Pere? 

UPDATED 7/20/19:

VFW – Demolition of VFW Pool began on June 25, 2019 and is ongoing.  While a timeline has not been established, the City is currently in the process of hiring a consultant for the technical design of the new aquatic facility to be constructed.

Legion – Legion Pool currently remains operational and is open to the public.    

What is a timeline for completion of the new Aquatic Facilities? 

VFW – Until a consultant is hired to complete technical designs at VFW, we do not have a definitive timeline for construction.  However, the goal at this point is to be up and running no later than the 2021 season. 

Legion – At this point there is no established timeline for the construction of Legion Pool. The City’s intent is to keep Legion Pool operating until the new VFW Aquatic Facility is up and running. 

What will the new Aquatic Facilities look like?

At VFW Park in De Pere, here are the approved designs by the Board of Park Commissioners and De Pere City Council that are expected to be built: 

To view a photo gallery or save photos of VFW renderings, click here


At Legion Park in De Pere, here are the approved designs by the Board of Park Commissioners and De Pere City Council that are expected to be built. Please note that the Park Commission's final approval for designs removed the wall partition seen in the shallow entry area of the pool!

To view a photo gallery of VFW renderings, click here

How were these designs chosen?

Online surveys and numerous in-person public forums were held throughout 2018 and 2019 that helped gain community feedback regarding desired amenities, offerings and designs for each aquatic facility. GRAEF, a national engineering firm with offices in Green Bay, then took this feedback, as well as input from the De Pere Board of Park Commissioners, and developed initial proposals that were revealed at an open house in March 2019. Following this open house, these initial proposals were modified several times due to public input and feedback from the Board of Park Commissioners.

In June 2019, the Board of Park Commissioners gave final approval for VFW’s design.

The Board of Park Commissioners then gave final approval of a Legion design at the subsequent July 2019 meeting.

How will construction and operation of these new Aquatic Facilities be funded?

City of De Pere residents passed a referendum in November 2018 that may add up to $900,000 per year, on an ongoing basis, to the Tax Levy for the purpose of constructing and operating two new aquatic facilities. As listed in the referendum, the two facilities would be located at VFW Park and Legion Park.

The resulting tax increase is a maximum of $45 per $100,000 of assessed property value. Funds raised from this referendum are earmarked for De Pere’s aquatic facilities, and cannot be used for other purposes.

Moving forward, the City hopes to fundraise and cooperate with neighboring communities and/or organizations to partner in the construction of the Aquatic Facilities, which would reduce the tax burden to our residents.