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De Pere Martial Arts & Ninja Classes!

De Pere Parks, Recreation & Forestry offers a variety of martial arts classes for all ages and abilities, held at the De Pere Community Center. Whether you're interested in an ancient self-defense course like Tae Kwon Do, or peaceful, relaxing wellness offerings like Tai Chi; whether you're just now looking to begin your journey in martial arts, or want to continue to master the skills, concentration and discipline you've developed over the years - we've got fun, welcoming and affordable classes waiting for you and your entire family!


NOTE: Due to COVID-19, despite our best efforts, please note that information presented here may not necessarily be current and is subject to change at any time. Our program offerings or events may be postponed, cancelled or held with altered procedures to reflect changing state & local safety requirements. Call (920) 339-4097 if you have questions.

The benefits of martial arts!

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Regardless of your abilities or fitness level, our martial arts classes are designed to help you with dynamic and peaceful ways to improve your physical and mental health. Your trained instructors work in supportive, encouraging ways to develop your balance, discipline, coordination, energy, strength and flexibility.  Perhaps even more importantly, self-esteem, respect, control, teamwork and relaxation are some of the other major points of emphasis during our programming. And that's just the start! Whether you want to enhance your sleep through peaceful exercise, gain peace of mind knowing you are better equipped with self-defense training, or you're just looking to try something new in a fun, supportive environment, our martial arts classes in De Pere have much to offer! 

Who are classes designed for?

Everyone (and that includes you!). We have Little Ninjas classes in De Pere aimed at children as young as 5 years old, and offer a multitude of other martial arts courses for all ages. If you're interested in Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi and others forms of martial arts, take a look at our current offerings in the link below. And, remember, physical ability is not a requirement. Our fun, affordable De Pere martial arts classes are focused on limited contact, natural movements, and are not dependent on physical strength to execute movements.  

Ready to get started? Or have questions? 

You can sign-up and view dates, times and details for upcoming De Pere martial arts and ninja classes here!

If you have questions about our offerings, give our De Pere Recreation Division a call at (920) 339-4097.  We're always happy to help! We also encourage you to follow our De Pere Parks, Recreation & Forestry Facebook page, which is an excellent source for updates and information on all our upcoming activities, programs and events:

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