Have fun. Be Safe.

We are excited for you to enjoy both VFW Aquatic Facility and Legion Pool. To ensure the safety of all guests of our aquatic facilities, please keep the following open swim rules and requirements in mind:

General Rules

  • Lifeguards and staff directions must be obeyed at all times.
  • Pool management reserves the right to enforce additional rules at any time.
  • Supervision of Minors:
    • Parent/adult supervision is required of all swimmers through 8 years of age.
    • Parent/adult supervision is encouraged of all swimmers through 12 years of age.
    • Supervision must be done by responsible persons aged 16 years or older.
    • Chaperones/supervising persons must be actively watching swimmers & prepared to enter the water.
    • Non-swimmers (requiring a flotation device or unable to pass the swim test) must be within arm's reach of their supervising adult at all times. 
    • Parental/adult supervision is required in Tot Pools. (No lifeguards are provided for Tot Pools)
    • Children must be at least 10 years of age to use lap lanes independently.
  • Cleanliness
    • Refrain from pool use if you have a communicable disease or open wound.
    • Shower before entering the pool and after use of the toilet facilities.
    • Disposable or rubber diapers are required for any person unable to control their bowels. 
    • Diaper changing should be done in the locker rooms. 
    • No eating or drinking in the pools. 
  • Swim Testing & Amenity Access: 
    • Swimmers aged 12 and under must pass a swim test to enter water 5ft or deeper. The swim test includes recovering from a plunge, distance swim, and timed tread or float. Pool Management may require testing at any point of any aged swimmer if needed. Maximum of 2 attempts per day. 
    • Swim testing typically required once per season and recorded in the lifeguard office. 
    • Any camp groups should attend a short safety orientation prior to pool use (provided by pool staff).
  • Pool Closures: If safety is a concern, staff will close the pools to address safety issues. 
    • Inclement Weather: in case of thunder or lightning the pools will close for 30 minutes following each sighting. No one will be allowed in the water or on deck during thunderstorms. Heat lighting is considered lightning. Excessive wind and rain may cause a closure depending on visibility in the pool. 
    • Mechanical / Safety: in case of a chemical, fecal, or other safety issue closures will be communicated to patrons on site via announcement. 
    • Staffing Levels: in case of limited staffing portions of the pools may be temporarily closed until sufficient staffing is available to reopen the full facility. This may include shutting down specific amenities. 

Prohibited attire, swim gear & accessories     

  • Shoes on deck (clean water shoes are allowed)
  • Inner tubes or non-coastguard approved flotation devices 
  • Hard toys for throwing (ex: footballs, tennis balls etc)
  • Fins, Kickboards, Swimming cubes or trainers* 
  • Diapers (only swim diapers allowed) 
  • Athletic Shorts (only actual swimming suits can be worn)
  • Full face snorkel masks or goggles with glass lenses
  • Yellow splash balls
  • Snorkels or other underwater breathing devices*

* Training items allowed at Pool Manager's discretion for lap swim and fitness training only. 

Approved floatation devices, goggles, and gear

  • Coastguard approved Lifejackets and Puddle Jumpers permitted with direct adult supervision in shallow water. 
  • Goggles (including half face snorkel masks) allowed if the user can take them off independently. 
  • Both goggles and flotation items are not allowed in the deep well or on the rock-climbing wall, diving boards, water walk, slides, and/or inflatable obstacle course.
  • Strollers allowed on deck if secured & six or more feet from the water's edge. 
  • Legion only - lawn chairs may be allowed on deck at the discretion of the Pool Manager but must be kept six or more feet from the water's edge in case of emergency. 
  • Splash balls, dive toys, and other small toys designed for use in water allowed at the Pool Manager's discretion.

Restrictions for amenities & attractions  

  • Legion Inflatables - Must pass swim test to use. 
    • One directional climbing
    • If a climber falls off, they must swim to the side & may return to the end of the line
  • Legion Tot Area - Designed for ages 6 and under.
    • Direct adult supervision required at all times
  • VFW 0' Depth Tot Area with Play Structure and Geysers - Designed for ages 6 and under. 
    • Direct adult supervision required at all times
  • VFW Lily Pad Water Walkway - Open to children of all ages. 
    • Child should be able to self-rescue from a plunge to use.
    • Parents who can touch in 5ft+ water can walk along side while child climbs.
    • One directional climbing
    • If a climber falls off, they must swim to the side & may return to the end of the line
  • VFW & Legion Diving Boards - Must be able to pass swim test to use. 
  • VFW Drop Slide - Must be at least 48 inches tall and able to pass swim test to use.
  • VFW Rock Climbing Wall - Must be able to pass swim test to use. 
  • VFW Body Slides - Must be at least 48 inches tall to ride.
  • VFW Diving Blocks - For use in supervised programs and during lap swim only. 
  • In general:
    • Unless explicitly stated otherwise, one user at a time on each amenity.
    • No flotation devices on all amenities (except tot pools).
    • All posted rules for use must be followed
  • Additional rules may be enforced, based on pool attendance, participant skill level, staff concerns, and other safety factors 

Prohibited Behavior

  • Running on deck
  • Diving from anywhere other than a diving board (ex: pool deck, shallow areas, from ladders, from inflatables)
  • Jumping off ladders, inflatables, slides, and other equipment not intended for jumping.
  • Roughhousing, excessive splashing, dunking
  • Playing or hanging on ropes or lane lines
  • Specific entries in shallow water (less than 5ft)
    • Twisting or flipping jumps
    • Can opener or banana jumps
    • Leaning back or inverted dives
  • Spitting or drinking pool water
  • Abusive/obscene language or behavior
  • Prolonged underwater swimming and breath holding (includes hyperventilating)

Additional prohibited items:

  • Outside food or (non-water) drinks* 
  • Alcohol, tobacco products, cannabis, e-cigarettes, and any illegal substances
  • Animals in pool area
  • Weapons or firearms in building
  • Cell phones / recording devices in locker rooms

*Infant formula/milk and medically required items allowed.  

Please note these rules are not all encompassing. Additional rules may apply depending on circumstance. Please contact the Community Center or Pools for any specific questions you may have. 

Capacity limits

LEGION Pool: The pool capacity is 236 patrons.

VFW AQUATIC FACILITY: The pool capacity is 315 patrons.