To honor & remember

This City of De Pere program provides the opportunity to donate a bench, swinging bench or tree in honor or memory of a loved one.  These benches or trees may be placed at any of the parks or along the trails.  Your donation to this program will not only provide a lasting memory but also help to beautify our parks and trails. 

Tree Program

The City will purchase and plant the tree and will maintain it for its lifetime. The purchase of a memorial tree does not include a plaque, but the city will install one at the base of the tree if the donor purchases it. 

The donor may express preference of location and species of the tree to be planted. The exact location and species of the tree, however, will be determined by city staff depending on needs and site conditions. We will work with you to find the ideal species and location for your tree. Cost of tree will be determined by size, species, and nursery availability.

Bench Program

City staff will purchase and install the bench. A plaque can be mounted on the bench if the donor choses to purchase one on their own. The maintenance of the bench will be the city’s responsibility for the life of the bench.

The donor will work with city staff and may express a preference to the location of the bench.  It can be located at one of the parks or along the trail system.  The exact type and location of the bench will be determined by city staff depending on needs.  Cost of bench will be determined by type of bench and will include concrete.

Interested? Reach out to get started!

If you're interested in having a tree or bench installed in De Pere to remember or honor someone, please reach out to our Parks staff to discuss your options. Call 920-339-8362 or email