Pool Rentals

Would you like to have your child’s birthday party or maybe a family reunion at the pool this summer?  What about a work event?  Legion Pool & VFW Aquatic Facility are available for rental this summer. We start booking rentals for the current season in April (at the same time pass sales and summer program registrations open for the season).

Rental applications accepted as early as the summer brochure registration start date. All rentals must be booked a minimum of 10 days prior to the rental date.

NEW in 2024

  • Rental applications will be processed through our online recreation software. Payment will be due on approval of application in order to finalize rental. Applicants can submit online or in person with assistance at the Community Center during business hours.  
  • Tot Pool rentals now include up to 60 attendees in total (was 25 in prior seasons). 
  • VFW Party Room now available during open swim times and rental times
  • Both locations have rental availability on select Friday mornings.
  • Pool parties are now available during select open swim hours!  

Private facility rental times vary depending upon scheduled programming, but general times available are:


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

9:00 am - 12:00 pm
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

2024 Pool Rental Fees

Fees are per hour unless otherwise noted.

Legion Pool Rental Fees

Patron Load Main Pool +Inflatables +Concessions
1-60 $125 +$55/rental +$30
61-136 $150 +$55/rental +$55
137-236 $180 +$55/rental +$55
Add-On: Tot Pool for no additional charge.

VFW Aquatic Facility Rental Fees

Patron Load Main Pool +Slides +Concessions
1-60 $180 +$30 +$30
61-136 $205 +$30 +$55
137-236 $230 +$30 +$55
237-336 $255 +$30 +$55
Add-On: Party Room, & Tot Pool for only $30 more per hour per amenity!

Tot Pool Rental Fees

Patron Load Location
Rental Fee
1-60 Legion $55 per hour
1-60 VFW $80 per hour

Add-On: VFW Only - Party Room for only $30 more per hour.

Call the Recreation Supervisor at (920) 339-4066 to confirm rental rates, scheduling options and more information. All pool bookings are processed by the Recreation Supervisor. Any cancellations can be processed by the Community Center Administrative Team. 

Pool Rental General Information Document

Rental Process, Policies and Agreement Form

Please take time to review the pool facility rental agreement, which gives an overview of general terms, rules, and renter responsibilities. If you decide to rent our facilities, a digital version of this agreement will be completed through the online application process. 

Steps to complete Pool Rental Agreement Form: 

Step 1 - Review pool policies and procedures in the "Pool Rental General Information Document" above. 

Step 2 - Login to your Civic Rec account with the City of De Pere (or create a new one if you don't have one setup)

Step 3 - Complete application for your rental through Civic Rec & submit for staff review. 

Step 4 - Watch for email alert of rental approval. Pay within 24 hours of approval for rental time to finalize rental.

Please note that all reservations will be processed in order of receipt. A confirmation email will be sent once approved. If the requested time or date is unavailable staff will reach out with alternative options as soon as possible. Applications are reviewed as quickly as possible by the administrative staff, but make take 2-3 business days to be processed internally. 

*No reservations will be booked without payment and completed application.