The Code requires that all internally illuminated exit lights in all occupancies to be illuminated at all times that the structure is occupied, to assure a quick exit is possible in all potential lighting conditions. Many times the bulbs burn out too quickly. A possible solution is to use another type of bulb. For those exit lights using the common household type screw-in medium base bulb, we have found that substituting a 230 volt, 50 watt bulb will more than double the life of the bulb. This extended life is due to using only one-half of their designed capacity which results in less heat being produced within the unit. These bulbs are only available from an electrical supply house.

If you use the slim line exit bulb fixture using a 40 watt long filament bulb, a 15 watt appliance bulb is a good substitute as they will provide sufficient illumination, but generate less heat. These bulbs can also be purchased at an electrical supply house or at most hardware stores.

The units using miniature fluorescent bulbs must replace the bulb with identical units. These bulbs must be purchased at an electrical supply house. Also, there are new units using Light Emitting Diodes (LED) which offer many years of maintenance free service without worry of bulb replacement problems. There are retrofit kits for existing units which incorporate an 8.1 watt 30,000 hour life bulb system which can fit all socket types.