Fire Extinguisher
Our Code requires all businesses and commercial occupancies to install fire extinguishers in adequate numbers and to keep such extinguishers ready for immediate use at all times. The intent is to keep these devices readily available to extinguish fires while they are small. Further, the code requires annual inspection and service of each extinguisher to assure they are in good working condition and ready for use.

A minimum of one fire extinguisher is required in every business and commercial occupancy.  Travel distance to an extinguisher cannot exceed 75 feet.  In occupancies using flammable or combustible liquids, travel distance to an extinguisher cannot exceed 50 feet.  Extinguishers are to be protected from damage by being mounted or hung from a wall in an accessible path of travel.  The preferred installation is towards the exit doors.  Extinguishers shall be placed on a shelf if not mounted or hung on a wall and must be readily accessible at all times.  All occupancies are required to have a minimum of one ABC fire extinguisher rated at a minimum of 2-A:10-B:C (this is commonly called a five pound size).  
Ordinary combustibles (wood, paper, etc.)-  require a Class A fire extinguisher. 
Flammable and combustible liquids  - require a Class B fire extinguisher 
Live electrical equipment - require a Class C fire extinguisher.

Certain occupancies have special fire extinguisher requirements according to hazards associated with that particular business. Restaurants are required to have Class K protection for their deep fat fryers within fifteen feet of the cooking line.

Manufacturing facilities have special requirements for many processes which require expert evaluation outside the scope of this short information article.