What is a flood plain? 

Areas within the City of De Pere are located within the Floodplain. Floodplains are lowland areas adjacent to lakes, wetlands and rivers that are covered by water during a flood.  The most visible function of a floodplain is its ability to carry and store floodwaters. In Wisconsin, the primary cause of floods is excessive rain, snowmelt or a combination of the two.
One of the goals of floodplain management is to minimize the threat to life and property resulting from flooding by promoting the preservation of floodplains for carrying and storing floodwaters and encouraging property owners to mitigate their flood risk by elevating, relocating, or otherwise flood-proofing their structures. To learn more about flood plains, visit www.floodingInBC.com

Do I live in a flood plain?

Click on the map below, and type in your address to determine if you live in a flood plain: 

Brown County Mapping

Get notified about flooding emergencies  

Please follow the City of De Pere Facebook page for updates.

Important resources on flooding preparedness, response & recovery 

For information on how to prepare for a flood, flood recovery, road closures, and much more, you are encouraged to visit www.floodinginBC.com.

This is a comprehensive resource created through the work of many partnering agencies within Brown County.  

What can I do to prepare?  

City of De Pere Emergency Management wants everyone to be ready for flooding by taking these actions to prepare:

  • Are you in a flood plain or in an area known to flood
  • Consider flood insurance (Activation takes 30+ days)
  • Have a battery backup for sump pumps
  • Move basement items now
  • Check in on neighbors, especially the elderly and those with special needs
  • Go to www.floodingInBC.com for valuable flood preparedness information
  • Have an evacuation plan (where will you go?)
  • Have a plan for your pets
  • Have your medications, clothes, important papers & other essentials prepared to take with you
  • Create an emergency contact list


I have special needs (health and mobility) that could be impacted by a flood emergency. What do I do?  

If you are located in a flood plain, and have a mobility or health issue that may impede your ability to evacuate your property during a flooding event and you would like to have De Pere First Responders check in on you during a flood emergency, please follow this link to register.

We only ask for your name, address, and phone number. This registration is completely voluntary and the information provided will only be shared with De Pere Health Department, De Pere Police Department, and De Pere Fire Rescue. Please note that if you are in an emergency situation, please still call 911 to alert First Responders that you are in danger and need immediate help. This registration does not take the place of calling 911.