Program Overview: Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity is launching Rock the Block program, a weeklong event that brings together residents, municipalities, community partners, and donors to repair homes for eligible low-income homeowners and improve community spaces. Typically, 20 to 30 projects are completed with the help of more than 150 volunteers over a few blocks to make a big impact in the area. These projects improve and beautify neighborhoods, increase property values, and have a ripple effect on all homes in the neighborhood.

The Rock the Block is a partnership between Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity, volunteers, donors, community partners, and municipalities to provide affordable repairs and maintenance to properties. Participation will include prep work, working alongside the volunteers, and other tasks as homeowners are able.

Habitat for Humanity would manage the program and potential participants are encouraged to use the proposed Deeper Roots - Affordable Housing Stock Improvement Loan Program as a possible funding source. Working with the Habitat for Humanity program manager for multiple loans would simplify the loan process.

The cost of the program is approximately $400,000 per project year ($800,000 for two projects in the City of De Pere).


East Side Project:                $150,000 housing affordability funds
                                                $50,000 ARPA (approved)
                                                $200,000 private/corporate match donations

West Side Project:               $150,000 housing affordability funds
                                                $50,000 ARPA (approved)
                                                $200,000 private/corporate match donations

Funding Contingent:  The City required Habitat for Humanity to find corporate donations to match the city investment so the City can complete two separate projects. If recommended for approval, staff anticipates focusing on one east or west side neighborhood in 2024 and focusing on a neighborhood on the opposite side of the river in 2026. Habitat for Humanity can only focus on one community each year and they are also in discussions with the City of Green Bay for the program schedule.

Program Information:

Rock The Block