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2040 Comprehensive Plan Update


West Downtown Vision Plan




The City of De Pere, WI seeks proposals from qualified planning individuals or project teams to prepare an update to the current Comprehensive Plan previously adopted in 2010 and a new West Downtown Vision Plan. The City believes that a large majority of the content is still applicable in the Comprehensive Plan, but this process should update the Comprehensive Plan to retain, revise, renew, or remove the vision, goals, objectives, and policies that will guide the City’s decisions and will incorporate recently approved plans and studies. The process should also update the background information and demographics with the 2020 census information. Furthermore, the Plan should be streamlined to a much more public-friendly and usable document.


Respondent shall submit one (3) complete original hard copy proposals and one (1) electronic copy in PDF format on USB Flash Drive of the entire proposal in a sealed package marked with the project name, “ De Pere 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update and West Downtown Vision Plan” shall be marked on the front of the package.


To be considered, proposals must be received no later than 4:00 PM, Central Time, March 5 2021, and delivered to:


Daniel Lindstrom, Development Services Director

City of De Pere

335 S. Broadway

De Pere, WI  5411


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Existing Document Links:

  • 2010 Comprehensive Plan 2010 (Link)
  • Downtown Master Plan 2010 (Link)
  • Cultural District Master Plan 2018 (Link)
  • Cultural District Plan Market Analysis 2018 (Link)
  • Current Zoning Code (Link)
  • Historic Preservation Plan/Historic District Maps (Link)
  • Interactive GIS (Link)
  • Comprehensive Outdoor Creation Plan 2018-2023 (Link)
  • Business Improvement District Operating Plan 2021 (Link)
  • Downtown façade grant program (Link)
  • Housing and Housing Affordability Reports (Link)
  • COVID Business Aid programs (Loan Program-Link)  (Grant Program-Link)
  • 2020 ESRI Market Analysis Documents (Link)


Projects Under Consideration:

Downtown Wayfinding (2021)

Zoning Code update (2021)