Income Continuation Insurance (ICI)

Effective March 1, 2024, the City will participate in the Local Income Continuation Insurance (ICI) benefit through ETF.  ICI is a voluntary “income replacement” (similar to a short-term disability policy) benefit available to all employees who participate in the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS).  The Local ICI program is currently under a premium holiday – which means there are no premiums (no cost) for 2024!

We highly encourage you to read the Income Continuation Booklet for detailed information on the plan.  Here are a few highlights:

  • ICI benefits are payable if you become disabled and wish to take the benefit at the time of the disability. ICI does not provide income continuation for caretaking of a spouse or child, or bonding with a newborn child. ICI provides up to 75% of your average monthly earnings, up to $7,500 per month (up to $120,000 annual earnings), based on your previous calendar year earnings rounded to the next highest $1,000 and divided by 12. For newly hired employees, your estimated annual earnings are rounded to the next highest $1,000 and divided by 12.

  • Before the benefit starts, you must serve your elimination period (also called a waiting period) which is 30-days unless you specifically enrolled in a longer elimination period. You must be completely off work during this time. Employees may use their sick leave, or other paid time off, until the waiting period is met. Sick leave, vacation, holiday, and compensatory time do not need to be exhausted before ICI benefit payments can begin.

  • Benefits are paid monthly at the beginning of the month for the previous benefit month (i.e. January benefits are paid February 1).

  • The Hartford is the Plan Administrator. All claims for ICI should be filed with The Hartford; claims may be filed up to 30 days before your anticipated last day worked in cases of impending childbirth or scheduled surgery. 

  • For childbirth, your ICI benefit for a normal, vaginal delivery will end 6 weeks after the date of delivery (8 weeks for an uncomplicated cesarean delivery). These time periods are standard durations used in the disability industry. However, if you have complications prior to or after delivery, ICI benefits may be paid longer, depending on whether the complication is considered disabling.

Note: Because ICI is not administered by the City, medical certification received by the ICI Plan Administrator is not automatically received by the City.  You must apply for and submit medical certification to the City to qualify for Family Medical Leave (FMLA).  The FMLA application must be completed at least 30 days in advance of planned medical leave of more than three calendar days, or as soon as practical for unforeseen medical leave.

Please review the Income Continuation Insurance and Leave Coordination document for information on how ICI coordinates with your leave time and other benefits.

Contact Information:
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