A Health Reimbursement Arrangement account (HRA) is an IRS-approved tax-free benefit that reimburses plan members for out-of-pocket expenses not paid by the insurance.  If you enroll on the city’s health insurance, the City will place a designated amount of money into an HRA.  The account is administered by Employee Benefits Corporation (EBC).  You can then use your HRA to request reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses, or save the money for future expenses.  HRA money can be used for all IRS Code Section 213(d) eligible medical expenses including:

  • Co-insurance
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Out of pocket medical expense
  • Eligible dental/vision expenses
  • All other 213(d) eligible medical expenses (same as for flex spending)

A list of eligible expenses, current account balances, HRA reimbursement forms, and other information is available on EBC's website at

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How do I maximize my benefit?

Employees and spouses enrolled in the health plan are eligible to receive additional dollars in their Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) on an annual basis with completion of the Health Assessment (HA) and preventative exams (annual physical and age appropriate screenings with your primary care provider and dental exam and cleaning).

Health Assessment

The City offers Health Assessments (HA) with a biometric screening for active employees and spouses.  HAs are a common tool to help people understand their current overall health.  The HAs will not be required, but will be encouraged and participation will be incentivized with Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) dollars.

Health assessments are held in the fall and will need to be completed by Thanksgiving.  Separate communication is sent in the fall to all employees about health assessments and how to schedule. 

Preventative Exams

Employees/spouses must submit completed preventative screening forms which demonstrates compliance with preventative screenings in order to receive the additional HRA dollars. The preventative screenings include a physical and age appropriate screening such as breast, cervical and colorectal screenings (frequency for the medical exams/screenings would be determined by the member’s physician).   In addition, employees/spouses must complete a preventative dental exam and cleaning one time per year to be considered to have participated.  Employees/spouses must complete the screenings in current year to receive the following year's funds (i.e. must complete the screenings in 2020 to receive 2021 funds).

Physical Preventative Services Form
Dental Preventative Services Form

 2021 HRA Contribution Amounts

The HRA is not a use it or lose it benefit; funds remaining in the HRA at the end of the plan year will roll over from year to year.

Health Reimbursement Account

City Contribution

HA and Preventative Exams Completion Credit (Employee)

HA and Preventative Exams Completion Credit (Spouse)*

Total Credit 










* If an employee is on an employee +1 or family plan, but does not have a spouse, the employee will receive full credit ($1,000).

When can I turn in my preventative exam forms and who do I turn them into?

Preventative Services forms will be accepted by Onsite Nurse Coach Sabrina from October 1 – Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving will also be the same date open enrollment will close and Health Assessments must be completed by.  Having one consistent deadline date every year will make it easier for members to remember the deadline. (If you are unable to turn in your forms prior to Thanksgiving because your physical or dental appointment is scheduled after that date, it will still be accepted by Onsite Nurse Coach Sabrina until the end of the year, however, you may see a delay in receiving your full HRA funds).

Plan Information

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Employee Benefits Corporation
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The City of De Pere Employee Benefits Plan Notice of Privacy Practices

This notice describes the privacy practices that the City of De Pere has established for the self funded benefit plans.

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