Flexible spending is an easy way for employees to set aside a portion of their earnings and use it to pay for health care and daycare expenses. You do not need to be enrolled in the City's insurance plans to enroll in Flex Spending or Dependent Care. The money set aside in the flexible spending plan is free from payroll taxes, so you'll see tax savings for each dollar you contribute.

The Flexible Spending Account for City of De Pere employees is administered by Employee Benefits Corporation (EBC).  


This is an optional benefit and enrollment is voluntary. During open enrollment a current employee may enroll in the flexible spending account for the next calendar year. Enrollment eligibility and changes to the flexible spending account during the calendar year are subject to qualifying events.

Using My EBC Account

A list of eligible expenses, current account balances, FSA and Dependent Care reimbursement forms, and other information is available on EBC's website at

How to Log In
How to File a Claim

Plan Documents

Flex Spending Summary Plan Description (SPD)
Flex Spending Plan Document
Flex Spending Company Plan Document
Flex Spending Rollover Addendum
Dependent Care Grace Period Flyer

Contact Information

Employee Benefits Corporation
PO Box 44347
Madison, WI 53744-4347

The City of De Pere Employee Benefits Plan Notice of Privacy Practices

This notice describes the privacy practices that the City of De Pere has established for the self funded benefit plans.

City Of De Pere Benefit Plan Notice Of Privacy Practices