Are plastic bags and wraps recyclable?

While many plastic items are recyclable, plastic bags and wraps are NOT accepted in our recycling program. Please do not place plastic garbage bags, plastic grocery bags and other plastic bags/wraps in your recycling cart or the City will not be able to collect your recycling. This includes packaging wraps on products you purchase online or in stores, sandwich and food bags, water bottle case wraps, and any other loose plastic material. 


Plastic bags frequently jam machinery at the recycling center. The facility must then shut down numerous times each day for workers to cut bags out of machines.

What do I do with plastic bags?

Many local grocery and retail stores have recycling boxes where you can drop off all your bags. We encourage responsible disposal of your plastic bags at these sites. Otherwise, please discard your bags with your regular garbage.

Location Name



Distance (miles) from City Hall

City Hall 335 S. Broadway, De Pere 920-339-4050 0
Community Center 600 Grant St, De Pere 920-339-4097 1.0
Municipal Service Center 925 S. Sixth St, De Pere 920-339-4060 1.3
Austin's 3823 S. Webster, Green Bay 920-337-0299 1.4
Festival Foods 1001 Main Ave, De Pere 920-336-6520 1.7
Piggly Wiggly 575 Swan Rd, De Pere 920-336-7080


Wal-Mart 1415 Lawrence Dr, De Pere 920-336-3416 2.9
Kohl's West 500 Bay Park Sq, Ashwaubenon 920-499-0692


Target 1001 Cormier Rd, Green Bay 920-499-0494 5.2
Costco 2355 Costco Way, Bellevue 920-469-5700 5.4
Target 2050 Lime Kiln Rd, Green Bay 920-406-0755 5.6
Pick N Save 2064 Lime Kiln Rd, Green Bay 920-469-8293 5.8
Pick N Save 1291 Lombardi Access Rd, Green Bay 920-498-9734 6.4
Pick N Save 1819 Main St, Green Bay 920-468-0447 7.2
Sam's Club 2470 W. Mason St, Green Bay 920-497-2112 7.5
Festival Foods 2250 W. Mason St, Green Bay 920-496-2966 7.6
Wal-Mart 2440 W. Mason St, Green Bay 920-499-9897 7.6
Meijer 2015 Shawano Ave, Green Bay 920-496-8100 7.9
Festival Foods 2534 Steffens Ct, Green Bay 920-465-3800 8.2
Wal-Mart 2292 Main St, Green Bay 920-465-1333 8.9
Woodman's 2400 Duck Creek Pkwy, Green Bay 920-499-1480 9.3
Kohl's East 2300 E. Mason St, Green Bay 920-468-1300 10.4
Festival Foods 2430 University Ave, Green Bay 920-465-3707 12.1
Piggly Wiggly 2465 Lineville Rd, Green Bay 920-434-0921 12.4
Festival Foods 2348 Lineville Rd, Green Bay 920-965-0042 13.4