Perhaps you're doing spring cleaning or utilizing your day off work to look through your closet and decide what gives you "joy". Whatever the case may be, if you have questions about how to dispose of an item or other options for giving items a second-life, use the tiles below to explore other options in our area!

Trash Trivia:

  • In Wisconsin, we generate 4.6 million tons of trash and recyclables each year. That's enough to fill a typical city street over 4 feet deep with trash (curb to curb) for 575 miles! If you remove the recyclables, only 357 miles would be filled with trash.
  • City of De Pere residents generated 5,685.65 tons of garbage and 1,625.8 tons of recycling in 2022 during curbside cart collections.
  • In 2022, City residents dropped of 286 tons of bulky waste at the Rubbish drop off site between April 2022 and November 2022. In addition, another 176 tons of bulky waste rubbish was collected during the two curbside collections in 2022. The disposal of this waste cost over $24,457 in tipping fees not including fuel, equipment, and employee handling/hauling time.  While some items were definitely rubbish, many items appeared to have some life and value remaining.  Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  Remember to consider donating or reselling items as alternatives to throwing them away.