Have too much garbage and can't fit it all in your cart? 

If you have extra bagged garbage or boxed recycling you need to dispose of, overflow tags are available year-round for purchase at the Municipal Service Center, 925 S. Sixth St, or City Hall, 335 S. Broadway.  The cost is $2.00/tag which is good for 2 extra bags of garbage OR 2 boxes of recyclables. 

NOTE: Overflow is NOT for large item/bulky pick-up (couches, mattresses, etc.). It is only for standard household garbage and recycling items. 

How should I place my overflow items at the curb? 

Overflow garbage

When placing out your overflow items, adhere to the following guidelines: 

🔸 Put extra garbage (only normal household waste) in garbage bags
🔸 Put extra recycling in cardboard boxes or paper bags
🔸 Place these overflow items about 4 feet from their respective carts
🔸 No large items / furniture / appliances / electronics / etc.

SPECIAL COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT: In an effort to assist our residents during this unprecedented time, a mayoral proclamation is currently in affect due to COVID-19. This proclamation allows city residents to place overflow garbage bags and recycling boxes/paper bags alongside their garbage/recycle can for collection for free until further notice. You DO NOT need a purchased tag for overflow items until further notice.  

Free Overflow Garbage & Recycling Collection (after holidays) 

In addition to the year-round tags that citizens can purchase, the City of De Pere does collect overflow garbage and recycling free 6 times per year after select holidays. These include New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.  During these respective overflow weeks, you may put out extra bags of normal garbage on your garbage day, and extra recyclables in cardboard boxes (do not bag your recyclables!) on your next recycling date. 

Any other options for extra garbage? 

If you have extra waste in your household, you may want to utilize the Brown County Waste Transfer Station (call for rates and hours 920-490-2706).