De Pere Fire Rescue protect a population of 22,645 as of 2008 in a area covering 12.22sq miles. In addition we cover The Town of Ledgeview with a population of 4,354,  and the Town of Lawrence with a population of 1,864 for Rescue. Combined they cover approximately 12 sq. miles.
Currently, the Department employs 25 full-time line personnel, and 3 Administrative positions.
The line personnel are divided into three shifts. A, B,and C shift.
Two shifts of 8 and one shift of 9.
The schedule is based on a 9 day cycle, 24 hours on duty per work day starting at 7:00 a.m. and ending at 7:00 a.m. the following day.
We work a 56 hour work week based on the "California Plan".
(That is three 24 hour shifts every other day over 5 days, and get the following 4 days off.) 
The Department has 2 Stations.
Station #1 (East) is where the shift Captain, and the Administrative personnel are located.
Engine 111, a 1250 gpm pumper
Ladder 111, a 1500 gpm capacity
Ambulance 111 (ALS unit)
Utility 111, and Boat 111.
Station #2 (West) Is home to the Lieutenant.
Engine 121, a 1250 gpm pumper
Ambulance 121 (ALS unit)
Back up vehicles; Engine 122, and Ambulance 122.
Line personnel will rotate between the two stations on a monthly or bi-monthy basis. The staffing at each station will be determined by the number of personnel on the shift. With the maximim staffing of 5 East and 4 West, and a minimim staff of 3 East and 3 West.
Currently we have
8 EMT-Basics
17 EMT-Paramedics
Personnel will respond to both Fire, and EMS calls.

What determines what fire engines and rescue squad will respond to each call? When a rescue call comes in for a site on the west side of the river, the squad from the west side station will respond, the east side squad will respond on the east side. If a fire call comes in, all fire equipment responds from both sides of the City. If we are responding to a vehicle accident, a fire engine will respond along with the rescue squad just in case tools are needed to extricate (to free or remove) someone from a vehicle.

What happens if a call comes in for the west side of the City and the vehicles are already in operation for another call?If our emergency vehicles are already being utilized for a call on the same side of the river when another call comes in, we will send out emergency vehicles from the station that has other vehicles available. If all our vehicles are being utilized and an emergency call comes in, we have excellent communication with our surrounding communities such as the Villages of Allouez and Ashwaubenon, who are always willing to help us out in an emergency. We are also there to help them out when the need arises.