Breastfeeding: A great way to feed baby

De Pere Health Department encourages and supports breastfeeding as an excellent way to feed a baby. There are many benefits to breastfeeding for mom and baby, including protection against many diseases and conditions.

Get Support with Breastfeeding

De Pere Health Department offers FREE breastfeeding consultation and support services right in your home. We are here to help as you begin breastfeeding and along the way to ensure continued success.

Our services can help if:

  • You need extra breastfeeding support and reassurance
  • Baby is not attaching to the breast
  • You have sore or damaged nipples
  • You have blocked ducts and/or mastitis
  • Baby is crying a lot
  • You are worried about milk supply
  • You are worried about your baby's growth
  • You need help expressing and storing breast milk
  • You need help breastfeeding a baby who has challenges like prematurity

Let's Get Started!

If you would like help with breastfeeding, give us a call at 920-339-4054. You don't need a referral for our services!

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Local Resources, Services, and Information

  • The Well Badger Resource Center is a one-stop connection to community, social, health, and government programs. The directory lists services, programs, and resources, including those for lactation support. You can search the directory by topic and geographic area to find resources in your own community.
  • Brown County Breastfeeding Coalition
  • Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition (link)
  • Bellin Health Kress Birthing Center (link)
  • La Leche League of Wisconsin (link)
  • Mother’s Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes (link)

Learn About Breastfeeding

  • Office on Women's Health ( (link)
  • American Academy of Pediatrics (link)
  • Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (link)
  • Breastfeeding and COVID-19 (link)