Razing a Building:

If you are going to raze a building, there are certain procedures you will need to follow. To raze a building in the City of De Pere, here is some important information you will need to know.

Five Key Things to Know about Razing a Building:

  1. A 10-day permit hold is required to allow the Historic Preservation Commission Chairperson time to inspect and document the building.
  2. Contact the Wisconsin DNR for asbestos removal. A single, isolated residential dwelling unit or structure with four or fewer dwelling units is typically exempt.
  3. The contractor or property owner shall provide insurance and bond certificates.
  4. Water service and sanitary sewer shall be properly abandoned in accordance with the City's specifications and state plumbing codes.
  5. Soil erosion control and final stabilization shall be implemented to the site.

Important Forms:

Let's Get Started!

If you have your application filled out and are ready for a permit (or if you still have questions), give us a call at 920-339-4053 or email us at dpbldg@deperewi.gov.