Building an Accessory Building

If you're interested in building an accessory building (shed or detached garage) in the City of De Pere, there are a few important things to know. Here is the key information you need to know to help make this project a reality.

Key Things to know about Accessory Buildings:

  • A shed of any size is considered an accessory building and requires a permit.
  • Accessory buildings shall be located in the rear yard and must conform to the prescribed zoning setbacks from the property lines.
  • Accessory buildings shall not be located in any utility, storm, or drainage easements.
  • Accessory buildings shall be located no closer that 5 feet to any other building or structure.
  • Accessory buildings shall not occupy more than 50% of the area of a required rear yard and in no case exceed a total of 850 square feet.
  • A wrecking permit is required for razing an existing accessory building.
  • An electrical permit shall be obtained for any electrical work servicing the accessory building.

Important Forms:

Let's Get Started!

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