City of De Pere Water Utility customers are encouraged to sign-up for AquaHawk, which will monitor your water usage, help you set up and receive alerts, and gives you tools to help control water bills. 

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What is AquaHawk and why is it beneficial?

  • AquaHawk is a user friendly, customer engagement website that provides customers with the tools and information needed to better manage water use.
  • AquaHawk users can track daily and even hourly water usage as well as estimate and project future utility bills. 
  • AquaHawk can alert you if: your hose is left on, have a toilet or other leaks, or if you are tending toward a high water bill.
  • AquaHawk allows you to monitor your water use remotely, even if you are out of town because it is web based.
  • AquaHawk will email, text or call you if you are experiencing a high water use problem.
  • AquaHawk is absolutely FREE!

How do I register for AquaHawk?

Click here to sign-up for AquaHawk. "Register" as a user, then "Sign In" and "Add your account information" typed exactly as it appears on your water bill, including zeros and shortened street names.

Please make sure your telephone number and email address is included when you register so AquaHawk can send you automatic notifications via text message, email or voice phone call.

After adding your account information, you will want to set user defined alert thresholds so that you are alerted if the values you set have been exceeded or are trending to exceed your specified values. Only users that set alert thresholds and have included a telephone number and/or email address will receive automatic alert and leak notifications.

What should I set my Alert Thresholds to?

Under Advanced Thresholds we suggest the following settings as a starting point:

  • History: Every household is different, so it is best to review your actual past water usage graphing on AquaHawk as it is documentation of what your normal usage is. Then set your thresholds a bit higher than your normal usage so you don't get too many nuisance alerts. If your current logged history is short you can start with the following values:
  • 2 person households: We suggest starting points: 300 gallons per hour, 600 gallons per day, and 1,000 gallons per week.
  • 4 or more person households: We suggest starting points: 300 gallons per hour, 800 gallons per day, and 2,500 gallons per week.
  • Seasons: Summer watering will increase water usage so you may need to seasonally adjust your thresholds to avoid alerts.
  • Businesses: Vary greatly so use your historical usage as a guide to determine starting values.

NOTE: AquaHawk is not the City of De Pere's billing program, and is not used to calculate your quarterly utility water bill.

Questions regarding AquaHawk?

The "Help" menu too on AquaHawk's webpage is a good resource to guide you, and to answer many questions about AquaHawk after you have registered. The video below also provides a good overview of AquaHawk. Or you may contact the De Pere Water Department at 920-339-4060 or

More Water & Billing Resources

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