Leaf Collection

Upcoming leaf collection dates:

  • Spring leaf collection will be weather dependent. Please watch the City Facebook page, along with this website for updates. Residents have access to the De Pere Compost Facility for disposal between designated collections. 
  • The Fall collections will begin on October 21, 2024 and the last day of set out will be November 17, 2024. Collections may continue past this date, but are weather dependent.

Beyond leaves, what else can be placed at the curb during leaf collection?

Grass clippings, lawn rakings, garden waste, and leaves can all be placed at the curb during this collection. Please ensure that it is on the terrace and not in the street.

Will my leaves be picked up on my garbage day?

Crews will collect throughout the City by following a regular rotation and making continual loops. It is not possible to accurately tell residents the exact day their yard waste will be picked up.

Brush Collection

Upcoming brush collection dates: 

Brush is scheduled to be collected three times each year. Brush should be placed out to the curb before 6:30 a.m. on Monday of brush pick-up week.

To learn more, watch our video on Brush Collection.

  • 1st Collection: May 13, 2024 
  • 2nd Collection: July 8, 2024 
  • 3rd Collection: October 14, 2024 

Printable Brush Collection Schedule

Will my brush be picked up on my garbage collection day?

Brush collection will probably not occur on your garbage collection day. Staff will only collect from each street one time during the scheduled collection so it is important to have it out by the start of collection. If brush is placed at the curb after Monday it will be the property owner's responsibility to dispose of it properly.

What should - and shouldn't - be placed at the curb during brush collection?

Brush consists of brush and tree trimmings only and these are the only things that will be collected.  Do not put grass clippings, lawn rakings, garden waste or leaves with your brush.

What should I do if the branches came down in a storm?

Please call our office at (920) 339-4060 to see if we will be offering a special collection due to the storm.

What should I do if the branches fell off my street tree?

Please call our office at (920) 339-4060 or the office of the Forestry Department at (920) 339-4065.

Holiday Tree Collection

Holiday tree collection occurs during the first two weeks of January. Please make sure your tree is at the curb and remains free and clear of snow during this time. Please ensure you remove all ornaments, lights, tinsel, and decorations and do not place your tree in a bag. If your tree is flocked, it will be collected separately as the flocking material requires us to take the tree to the landfill (can no longer be chipped or received at the Compost Site).

Missed the curbside collections? Here's what you can do!

If you missed the scheduled curbside collection, you can haul your brush and leaves to the Compost Site, located at 655 Rockland Road, De Pere or call the office at (920) 339-4060 to schedule a special pickup (for a fee).