Comprehensive Plan

The City of De Pere adopted its Comprehensive Plan in 2010, with minor amendments made to the plan annually. Several Downtown and Area Development Plans have also been prepared and adopted into the Comprehensive Plan as Appendix. The plan represents a framework to focus on development in forms and locations most suitable for the protection of critical resource systems. The plan meets the State of Wisconsin’s “Smart Growth” law and provides a vision and model for sustainable and regenerative growth. Any zoning or land division decision that the City takes must be consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan; therefore, it is pertinent that the plan be consulted during all development discussions. The Comprehensive Plan* is available on the City’s website at the following link:

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Minor amendments to the Plan are processed no more frequently than one time per year and follow a specific process set forth in the plan and directed by the State Comprehensive Planning Law. See the Comprehensive Plan for more detailed information on this process.

Downtown Master Plan

The combination of the Fox River, two business centers and riverbanks connected by a distinctive bridge, and an interaction of the contemporary and the historical makes Downtown De Pere a unique environment for working, shopping, living, and recreation. During the last two decades, a community partnership has created a vital city center full of past accomplishment and future possibilities. This partnership has rebuilt much of the west bank, revitalized the east bank of the Fox River, supported the continued growth of a distinguished center for higher learning, revitalized traditional business streets, linked the city together with a symbolic new bridge, and established the basis of a strong management infrastructure. It has helped De Pere become a regional commercial and governmental center and a memorable destination for generations of visitors: Click here to view.

Cultural District Master Plan

The potential development of the Mulva Cultural Center creates a game-changing opportunity for the City of De Pere as an anchor for economic growth and the potential formation of a possible future cultural district. The following plan summarizes the results of a three-day charrette to study how the City might develop a Cultural District Masterplan to capitalize on the opportunity the Mulva Center provides, and to understand how the city can support and encourage economic growth and establish a sense of vibrancy in the downtown. This plan establishes a thoughtful and inspiring vision of how Downtown De Pere can leverage success and create synergies around the Mulva Cultural Center.

Strategic Visioning & Branding initiative (2018)

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Intensive Survey Report (2001)

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Historic & Architectural Resources Survey (2017)

West Downtown Vision Plan (Pending 2022 adoption)

SE Area Development Plan (Pending 2022 adoption)

Downtown Parking Study (Pending 2022 adoption)