For City of De Pere employees:

At the City of De Pere, we encourage all of our employees to consider participating on an internal team. Teams provide a great opportunity for everyone to collectively take ownership of our future, and be part of a decision-making process that directly impacts your work. Together, this collaboration moves us forward with diverse ideas and a better path toward improvement.

We have more than 50 teams that examine everything from snow plowing, beautification, training and safety; to diversity, garbage collection, parking, sustainability, wellness and so much more. Some teams meet monthly. Some quarterly, yearly or as needed. There's no set terms you need to serve. You can simply join a team at any time (and there's no time like the present, right?)

Want to find out what teams are available, or have questions? Reach out to your supervisor to get started. 

For De Pere citizens:

Beyond employment at the City of De Pere itself, we also welcome and encourage our citizens to collaborate to make our community better. There are many volunteer opportunities in De Pere. The Volunteer Center of Brown County is a good resource for information. Also, if you are interested in being a citizen representative on an actual City of De Pere board or committee, please consider reaching out to one of these groups (citizen members are appointed by our mayor). Our mayor's contact info can be found here. Finally, you may even consider running for office as an alderperson to create change in our community at a high level. For more information on how to run for office in De Pere, click here.