The City provides workers’ compensation coverage for all employees injured while performing job duties. Employees shall report all injuries to their supervisor or department head as soon as possible. A Report of Occupational Injury Exposure or Illness needs to be completed before the end of the shift in which the injury occurred. Forms are available below or in each department. 

Workers' Compensation Forms

The fillable form functionality for the Employee Injury, Exposure, Illness Packet and Supervisor form and instructions requires the use of Adobe Reader or similar dedicated PDF viewer/editor. If your work PC does not have Adobe Reader, please contact IT. For your personal computer the free Adobe Reader download is available at

IMPORTANT: You will need to save the form prior to completing it. Please read the instructions on how to save and email the forms. Fillable PDF Instructions

Employee Injury, Exposure, Illness Packet

Supervisor Injury, Exposure, Illness Investigation Form and Instructions 

Workers’ Compensation Return to Work/Restrictions Form


When an employee is injured at work, it is not uncommon for the employee to have questions about the Workers’ Compensation process and their role and responsibilities.  To assist with that, our office has compiled a list of frequently asked Workers’ Compensation questions.

Workers’ Compensation Frequently Asked Questions for Employees