Since 2007, De Pere and its sister city Amal, Sweden, have emphasized creating partnerships and sharing ideas in the realm of youth programs. Here are some highlights: 

    Exchange Students

    Sister Cities partnered with AFS International Intercultural Programs ( to facilitate a high school student exchange between the two cities.

    Amal Students to De Pere

    • Tobias at De Pere High School 2007-2008. 

     City of Amal than developed a scholarship for students to come to De Pere on AFS and the exchanges continued

    • Mathilda at De Pere High School 2015-2016.
    • Emilia at De Pere High School 2016-2017.
    • Julia at De Pere High School 2017-2018.

    De Pere Student to Amal

    • Brooke studied at Karlbergsgymnasiet School in Amal 2017-2018.

    Pen Pals

    Elementary classes (5th and 6th graders from De Pere Foxview and Westwood have been exchanging letters as pen pals since approximately 2013. Each year we have added classes. A great opportunity to share this connection with more in the community and of different ages.

    St. Norbert College

    • Professor Robert Pyne and Professor Robert Osgood have exchanged classroom communications about immigration and refugees.
    • Professor Osgood is working on developing a student teaching option in Amal for St. Norbert Education Students.
    • Professor Osgood is organizing a 3 week course for St. Norbert Students in Sweden in May of 2019.