Since 2007, De Pere and its sister city Åmål, Sweden, have emphasized creating a partnership and sharing ideas in the realm on cultural exchange. This has been facilitated through numerous visits of delegates both to and from Åmål. During such visits, delegates from both De Pere and Åmål are able to exchange ideas on many social and economic programs.  For example, 2016 an Åmål delegate in charge of their main street program admired the clock in De Pere at the end of the Claude Allouez Bridge. This admiration eventually turned into Åmål obtaining a similar clock in their city square. Additional exchanges between the two cities include: The De Pere Exchange Student scholarship along with the expansion of the pen pals program and connections with Seroogys.  More information on all the shared sister city advancements can be found below:

Teachers - April 2010

In one of the first Sister City initiatives Dana Lex and Christian Fossen- Rades attended the “Youth Towards a Greener Future in Europe” Conference with Students Samantha Winters and Meg Summerside. At this conference they focused on topics of sustainability and cultural learning.

Mayor of Åmål - June 2013

Mayor of Åmål, Mike Karlsson;  City Officials Olle Anderson, Anna Lundin; Pen Pal Teacher Coordinator- rose- Marie Larsson and Student Kajsa Gustafsson visited De Pere. From this meeting ideas for the De Pere Exhchange Student Scholarship were developed along with the expansion of the Pen Pals Program. Additionally, connections with Seroogys were strengthened.

De Pere Visits Åmål – June 2014

De Pere Delegation of Mayor Mike Walsh; Educator Dana Lex , Jim Stupka, Kevin Bauer, and Ken Pabich traveled to Åmål to further develop connection with our Sister City.

Making Time for Åmål- 2016

Åmål Delegation Mayor Michael Karlsson, Anna and Per Lundin, Ulrika, and Swedish Educator Christian and School Principal Roger Engstrom visited De Pere. With this meeting there were discussions to further connections between the schools of the two cities with the exchange students. St. Norbert became more involved with classroom Skype exchanges. Then Ulrika from Åmål, who is in charge of their main street program, admired the clock in De Pere at the end of the Claude Allouez Bridge. This admiration eventually turned into research into how Åmål could obtain a similar clock of their own, which now greets Åmål residents and visitors through town.

Professors Speak in Sweden – January 2017

Professor Robert Pyne and Professor Robert Osgood spoke at a conference in Åmål Sweden. Try to find more information on what conference or what was discussed.

Educators Visit from Åmål- September 2017

Educators from Åmål: Christian Bruce, Henrik Olsson, Malin Eriksson, Christian Bruce, Per Backstrom came to speak at classes at St. Norbert and strengthen the high school connections.

375 Anniversary Celebration in Åmål- date?

All of Åmål's Sister Cities representatives were invited to the celebration of Åmål’s 375th anerversary. De Pere was represented by Mayor Mike Walsh and Kim Thompson. Visitors participated in the activities, toured the schools for exchange students and pen pals, represented De Pere at the Public Library Expo, reunited with former exchange students and families. Visited with AFS Sweden in Stockholm.