Guidance for Providers and Partners

Many communicable diseases and conditions must be reported to Public Health under Wisconsin Legislature: DHS 145 and Wisconsin Legislature: 252. Depending on the disease category and setting, reports may be submitted in a variety of ways to De Pere Health Department or the appropriate jurisdiction.

What to Report

How to Report

Clinics or Hospitals

  • Disease reports should be entered directly into the Wisconsin Electronic Disease Surveillance System (WEDSS) OR applicable reporting form can be faxed to 920-339-2745
  • Category I Communicable Diseases should also be reported IMMEDIATELY by telephone to De Pere Health Department by calling 920-339-4054 or afterhours 1-877-619-9221
  • Diseases and Conditions A to Z List
    • Use the A to Z list to search for the condition you would like to report
    • Visit the “Provider Information > Case Reporting” section of the page for specific requirements and forms

Long Term Care Facility

School or Child Care Center

Contact De Pere Health Department

920-339-4054 or afterhours 1-877-619-9221