De Pere’s Eyes in the Sky

The City of De Pere's drone program was formed in 2019 and is overseen by our Geographic Information System (GIS) Division. The drone program has numerous trained and licensed drone pilots who operate across various City departments, including GIS, Communications, Police, Fire Rescue, and more.

Our drone program is a valuable tool for the community, offering public safety support through search and rescue operations and emergency scene monitoring. The program also assists GIS with mapping efforts and the Communications efforts of the city in gathering unique aerial marketing images of De Pere throughout its beautiful and distinct seasons.

Emergency Aid

With the City of De Pere drone program, we can provide crucial aerial support for public safety operations. Our team of trained and licensed drone pilots can quickly respond to emergencies, providing real-time information to first responders, police, health officials and firefighters, helping them make informed decisions. We can also assist with search and rescue operations, using our drones' infrared technology and payload tools to search for and/or assist lost individuals.

Capturing Important Data – and Beauty

In addition to public safety, our drone program also supports the GIS Division's mapping efforts. Our drones can capture high-quality aerial imagery, which can be used to create accurate maps and 3D models of De Pere's landscape. This information is crucial for urban planning, infrastructure development, and other important City projects. The City’s drone team has also assisted our engineering team to monitor traffic patterns and capture road construction data and progress.

Our drone program is also an asset to the City’s communications and marketing initiatives, providing unique aerial marketing images of De Pere. These images are continuously used to showcase the City's natural beauty and promote tourism and economic development.


At the City of De Pere, we're committed to providing our community with the best tools and resources possible. Our drone program is just one example of how we're using innovative technology to improve public safety, support city projects, and promote our city's unique character.

Should you have questions about this program, please reach out to Drone Program Administrator Kristen Vincent at: 339-4072, ext. 1254.