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Team Focus

We know from experience that neighborhoods have unique assets, nuances, and problems due to location, population, business, or physical layout. This is why we utilize "Team Policing." Team Policing helps us create relationships within the community we serve. Officers and supervisors are assigned geographic areas of the city and patrol those areas on a regular basis. They get to know the people, businesses, and community lifestyle of those areas and adapt policing strategies to best assist our neighborhoods in dealing with specific crime patterns, trends or other quality of life issues such as parking, noise and garbage.

But the efforts by the police are not stand-alone; the neighborhood watch, neighborhood associations, and crime prevention efforts are important for success to be realized. We are committed to a partnership with you and look forward to working with you in your community.

Mission, Goals & Collaboration

The mission of the De Pere Police department is to provide an integrated team approach to pro-active patrol, crime prevention and criminal investigation utilizing city and community resources to improve the safety and quality of life in De Pere. Below are just a few of our goals in serving the De Pere community:

  • Prevent crime, reduce crime, and increase citizen satisfaction.
  • Deliver quality police service in a lawful, safe, and sensitive manner in order to protect life, property, and maintain public peace.
  • Identify and analyze problems, explore alternative solutions, and encourage regional cooperation.
  • Create and maintain open lines of communication to promote partnerships with the community, while encouraging and supporting citizen involvement to improve quality of life at a neighborhood level.
  • Employ personnel that meet standards of professional excellence and represent the diversity of our community.

De Pere Team Contacts

The Fox River divides our city into East and West Team policing areas. If you have non-emergency or quality of life concerns in your part of the city, please contact us below.

NOTE: For immediate emergency situations needing Police Services, please call 9-1-1. If there is a non-emergency situation but you still want to see an officer call 339-4078 for dispatching of our Police Officers. Do not call their Team Voicemail Number. For other De Pere police contact information, click here.

Getting Involved with Team Policing

If you'd like to get involved in De Pere's team policing efforts, or are interested in other citizen roles and opportunities that can help make your neighborhood safer, please visit this link for more information.