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What shift does a Firefighter work?
A workday consists of 24 hours, starting at 7:00 a.m. and ending at 7:00 a.m. the following morning. A firefighter will work 1 day, have the next day off, work 1 day, have the next day off, work 1 day and have the next 4 days off. Their schedule allows them to work either 9, 10 or 11 days out of the month, but those days are 24 hours long. Yes, the firefighters do get to sleep. They sleep at night just like the rest of us who work days, but they are required to rise at a moment's notice if an emergency call comes in. Very seldom does a night go by without at least one emergency call.
Do the same employees always work at the same station?
The Captains always work at Station #1 on the east side and the Lieutenants always work at Station #2 on the west wide. All the other firefighters/rescue personnel rotate between the two stations. They may stay at one station for 1 or 2 months and then switch to the other station for 1 or 2 months. This gives them a chance to work with everyone assigned to the same shift. The personnel work 24 hour shift.
What determines what fire engines and rescue squad will respond to each call?
When a rescue call comes in for a site on the west side of the river, the squad from the west side station will respond, the east side squad will respond on the east side. If a fire call comes in, all fire equipment responds from both sides of the City. If we are responding to a vehicle accident, a fire engine will respond along with the rescue squad just in case tools are needed to extricate (to free or remove) someone from a vehicle.
What happens if a call comes in for the west side of the City and the vehicles are already in operation for another call?
If our emergency vehicles are already being utilized for a call on the same side of the river when another call comes in, we will send out emergency vehicles from the station that has other vehicles available. If all our vehicles are being utilized and an emergency call comes in, we have excellent communication with our surrounding communities such as the Villages of Allouez and Ashwaubenon, who are always willing to help us out in an emergency. We are also there to help them out when the need arises.
What happens when I dial 911?
In the City of De Pere, when you dial 911, your call is connected to the Brown County Public Safety Communications Center. The Center is located in downtown Green Bay. The call is answered by a call taker, who's purpose is to gather appropriate information for the dispatcher. The dispatcher is located at another workstation. The call taker enters the information into the computer aided dispatching (CAD) system. Depending on the type of emergency, the information is routed to the appropriate fire or police dispatcher for immediate dispatching. * The nature of the emergency? * Where is the emergency? * Is anyone injured, ill or in danger? * When did it happen? * Does anyone have access to any weapons? * Your name? * What phone number can you be reached?
What happens when I dial the non-emergency number, 339-4078?
Beginning on March 2, 2005, the non-emergency number will be answered by the De Pere Police Department Administrative Services Division during normal business hours. Business hours for the department are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays. Callers will need to press 2 to reach the Police Receptionist for the appropriate handling of their call. A Brown County Public Safety Communications Center call taker will answer any overflow calls during business hours. After business hours all calls for the department will get routed to the Brown County Public Safety Communications Center for answering. It is important that callers understand that they are not speaking with a member of the De Pere Police Department. This public safety answering point is utilized for a variety of other City of De Pere after hours emergency contacts, like water main breaks, sewer breaks, street and stop light malfunctions, street services, community center assistance, etc.
How can I speak directly to an administrative member of the De Pere Police Department?
Please call 339-4080 to speak with a Department member during business hours, which are 8:00 - 4:30, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. A Police Secretary or Administrative staff member will answer your call and route it accordingly.
I need to speak to a specific officer, how can I reach him/her?
The staff directory listing, provides the voicemail numbers for all of the Department's personnel. If you need the name of an officer who provided you with assistance, please contact one of the Department's Secretaries, during business hours, to look up the officer's name for you. We will be happy to put you through to the appropriate officer.
I need to get a copy of an incident report. Who can help me with this?
Complete the appropriate adult records request form or juvenile records request form and submit it to the Department as instructed. Some requests can be made verbally, by phone or in person, via the mail or fax, while juvenile information must be in writing and picked up at the Department. Please refer to the police reports information page for detailed information. We do our best to process all open record requests within ten days.
I have an unpaid municipal citation. How can I make my payment?
During normal business hours the Municipal Court Clerk can process your payment. You can pay in cash, by check, and or by credit card. However, credit card payments must be made in person at the Court Clerk's office and a fee is charged. When the Municipal Court Clerk is unavailable, the receptionist at the Police Department's front desk can process your request. Check out the Municipal Court Clerk's information page for hours of operation.
I have a complaint about the Department. What can I do?
Complaints are very important to the De Pere Police Department. Complaints can be made by phone at 339-4080, in person or by completing our complaint form. Please ask to speak to the Sergeant on duty or Officer in Charge for proper direction and handling of your complaint. Your complaint can also be filed with the office of the Mayor or the City Administrator.
I locked my keys in the car. Can I request an officer to open my vehicle?
The De Pere Police Department will perform lock out services only when a small child has accidentally been locked inside a vehicle. All other vehicle lock out requests will be referred to a locksmith for service.
What does purchasing water from Manitowoc mean to residents?
Because of the abundance of water available, those water users presently receiving water from a municipal water supply system will not have to worry about shortages or potential water bans or curtailment of use. In addition, water quality meets all state and federal water quality standards.
I currently use a water softening system. Will I need to continue using this system with the new water supply from Lake Michigan?
While many residents currently use water softeners because of the poor water quality, the water supplied by the Brown County Water Authority will be better and less hard. Residents may find that future use of a water softener is not necessary. However, water hardness and taste is an individual preference and some customers may choose to continue to use their water softeners.
What are the grains of hardness for setting my water softener?
7-8 grains of hardness for Lake Michigan Water. The previous well water was 13-16 grains.
What is the floride level of the Lake Michigan Water?
The floride level is 0.7 - 0.8 mg/L
Who do I contact with a question regarding my water/sewer bill?
You may call the Water Department Secretary at 339-4046 with questions regarding your bill.
My water is discolored, is it safe to use?
The water supply is continuously chlorinated and is safe for drinking, cooking and bathing. When the water is discolored; do not do any white or light colored laundry, it can stain your clothes. If this should happen, the Water Department has rust remover that it provides to residents free of charge. It can be picked up at the Water Department office on 1st floor of City Hall, 335 S. Broadway or the Municipal Service Center located at 925 S. Sixth Street.
My neighbor has two water meters. One is for outside watering. How can I get one, what is the cost and savings by having a no-sewage meter?
For installation of a no-sewage meter for outside water usage: The only option that De Pere offers residents to avoid paying sewage charges on water used for lawns, landscaping, filling swimming pools, washing vehicles, etc. is the permanent installation of a no sewage meter. Water lines in the home must be separated so that the outside water usage is measured independently from household usage. Separating the water lines can be done by a plumber or by the homeowner. The charge for installing a no sewage meter is $25.00. A water supply capacity charge also must be paid prior to installation. The fee for a meter under 1" is $294.00. Fees increase as meter size increases. With a no-sewage meter you save sewage charges of $2.10 per 1,000 gallons of usage. There is also a quarterly meter fee based on meter size.
What are the hours of the Rubbish Site at 925 S. Sixth Street and what is accepted?
How do I get my refuse or recycle cart replaced or repaired?
Please call the Municipal Service Center at 920-339-4060. We will want to know the extent of the damage and how it happened to determine whether a new cart can be provided free of charge or if it will need to be purchased.
How do I purchase new carts for my home?
Please call the Municipal Service Center at 920-339-4060 to purchase new cart(s) and pay via credit card.
How do I schedule a special pickup at my location?
City of De Pere residents can schedule special pickups for large items, brush, and yardwaste. These collections have a minimum charge. For more information, contact the Municipal Service Center at 920-339-4060. Extra bags of garbage and recycling should be set out next to the appropriate cart on your next collection day once "bag tags" have been purchased for their collection. Bag tags can be purchased at the Municipal Service Center, 925 S. Sixth Street or City Hall, 335 S. Broadway. Each tag can then be used to get 2 bags of garbage or 2 boxes of recycling collected.
My refuse and/or recycle collections were missed. Now what?
Please call the Municipal Service Center at 920-339-4060.
My mailbox was damaged by the snow plow. What do I do now?
Call the City of De Pere Municipal Service Center as soon as possible at 920-339-4060 to get it inspected.
Where do I dispose of leaves, grass clippings, garden waste, brush and tree trimmings?
These items can be taken to the City of De Pere Compost Site located at 665 Rockland Road, De Pere, WI.
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