The City of De Pere Sustainability Commission and Common Council have voted to no longer move forward with “No Mow May” in 2024. While “No Mow May” is being discontinued, the City has adopted changes and plans to continue educational efforts on sustainable practices to promote pollinators throughout the City. 

What can you, as our residents, do to promote pollinators besides No Mow May?

  • Reduce the size of your grass lawn by adding a planned natural landscape area
  • Plant native pollinator species
  • Encourage or plant low-growing flowering species throughout your lawn to provide nectar and pollen, such as Dutch white clover, self-heal, and creeping thyme.
  • Mow less frequently. Keeping your lawn 3-4” tall is good for overall turf health and promotes flowers because they are not being mowed off.
  • Leave your leaves on your flower beds. This provides pollinators a place to nest, overwinter, and hide.
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides.

While Wisconsin is home to over 400 species of wild bees; bees are not our only pollinators. Consider how you can help other pollinators such as beetles, wasps, moths, butterflies, flies, birds, and bats!