To the De Pere community,
I took over as mayor of De Pere in April of 2020, and, as you can imagine, it has been a profound and challenging journey thus far trying to help our community navigate these unprecedented times. I am thankful for all the patience, support and resolve that our residents and businesses have shown and given to me during my tenure so far. I appreciate it more than I can express.
It is because of this unwavering support that I have chosen to inform everyone of some difficult, personal news I received yesterday. Despite my diligence and best efforts to follow social distancing, wear a mask and follow other recommended safety measures, I developed a cough and severe fatigue in recent days. I thought perhaps this was a minor allergy at first, or that I was simply tired, but it did not subside. At the urging of Debbie Armbruster (our health director) and our Health Department, in addition to my family, I went in for testing.
I was diagnosed with COVID-19 yesterday.
As a member of this community, a former teacher of a generation of local students, and, fortunately, a friend to so many in this City, I want to be candid that this news was difficult.
While a private matter, I figured the news of my diagnosis may reach others inevitably anyway, so my preference was to inform the community directly and openly myself. I will share with you also that, in the spectrum of how people seem to be afflicted with COVID-19, I feel I fall somewhere in the middle at the moment. I do not feel well, but I am resting and isolating myself.
For those wondering: I want to note that no city operations will be affected because of this.
More important, my thoughts are with the rest of the people I care about most – my family – and I hope that my diagnosis does not also impact their health in the coming days.
Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts. For anyone else affected by COVID-19, you have been, and will continue to be in mine.
Last, as you may have noticed, a variety of factors have led to our overall cases continuing to rise in the City of De Pere. I urge you to not become complacent or take anything for granted. I hope by sharing this personal news, if you are experiencing even the mildest symptoms, you will consider testing. Please do your best to watch out for the safety and well-being of yourself and your neighbors. As a community, we need to continue doing what we’ve always done best in De Pere: press on together, and look out for one another.
Thank you,
Mayor James Boyd