The De Pere Police Department is soliciting donations to assist the department in obtaining a canine to replace the recently retired canine. Our project, POOCH II, has a goal to raise $50,000 to purchase, train and care for the new canine. The purchase and training of the new canine is about $16,000, and the remaining money is used for years of dog food, care, grooming, training aids, police specific patrol car cage, protective equipment for the canine and the handler, and the like.
Elsie, our previous canine, was with us for nine great years before retiring in December 2015. Due to the recent retirement of Elsie we are unable to budget an immediate replacement without assistance from fundraising and community involvement. Her replacement is being selected and trained, and the handler will be trained in September/October 2016. Police canines are trained in a variety of tasks, but most important in the task of sniffing for drugs. Our city prides itself for maintaining a higher quality of life, and the canine program helps the police department with that overall city mission.
All donations will be accepted including money, in-kind donations, and funds earmarked for special equipment such as a special cage for the police vehicle, training aids, bullet resistant vest, etc.
We thank you for your support of this important fundraising effort!
If you would like to donate please complete the form below.