The City of De Pere’s Maintenance Division is comprised of a hard-working and talented group of mechanics and building maintenance workers whose collective skill and reliable handiwork impact nearly every facet of City operations. The two main functions of the Maintenance Division include:  1) Repairing and maintaining all City vehicles, which total more than 170 pieces of equipment. This includes everything from essential safety vehicles like police cars, fire trucks and ambulances; to service-oriented vehicles like garbage trucks, snow plows and staff vehicles; to a wide-range of small equipment like lawn mowers, line trimmers, pumps and much more. 2) The division is also responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all City-owned buildings (Community Center, City Hall, Police and Fire Stations, MSC, etc.), all park buildings, our pool facilities, as well as lights, irrigation systems and water fountains at our numerous parks. Needless to say, De Pere’s busy and skilled maintenance division plays a pivotal role in the safety, beauty and efficiency of our City.

Public Works: Maintenance Division
925 S. Sixth St., De Pere 
(920) 339-4060

After hours emergency: (920) 639-8344

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