Our Mission

The mission of the Finance Department is to direct the maintenance of the municipal accounting system and the procedures governing receipt and expenditure of municipal funds.

The Finance Department provides accurate and timely service and information to our residents, businesses, elected officials and employees of the City. The Finance Department maintains the financial accounting systems and computer operations of the City. The Finance Department prepares the annual City Budget and the Annual Financial Report.

The Finance Department serves its customers by managing the City's resources and maintaining a solid financial condition. The following services are available in the Finance office:

  • Payment of City and Vendor invoices
  • Payment of water/sewer bills
  • Payment of special assessments
  • Payroll Processing

Budget Amendment Resolutions

As required by Wis. Stats. section 65.90(5)(a), municipalities are required to publish amendments to the municipal budget after approval by the governing body.  The City has chosen the option of publishing such items on the City website, effective with resolutions adopted by the Council beginning in January 2021.

Resolution #24-13 Approving 2023 General Fund Budget Amendment from Unassigned Reserves

Resolution #21-20 Budget Amendment for Additional Staffing Positions

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