City of De Pere

COVID-19 case numbers are regularly published to City of De Pere social media platforms. We encourage you to visit these various platforms to see the most up-to-date case numbers:

NOTE: Numbers are for cases recorded within the City of De Pere boundaries, for which the De Pere Health Department serves. Note that mailing addresses are geographic reference points for the United States Postal Service and their mailing system and have nothing to do with City boundaries. The 54115 zip code, therefore, or a "De Pere" mailing address, may not necessarily correlate with the actual City of De Pere city limits. While other entities may report De Pere COVID numbers more broadly based on these postal designations or other formats, the numbers reported on City platforms are ONLY cases within our official City of De Pere boundaries. A map of these boundaries is found here

Brown County & State

To view additional case summaries for Brown County and other areas in Wisconsin, please ...

Visit this online dashboard.