The Basics

urban orchard girl picking fruit in de pereSo what exactly are Urban Orchards? Well, their spots where anyone can enjoy convenient access to fresh fruit while walking, biking or driving throughout our City. Better still, they are a source of organic, healthy food options for local food pantries to help those in need. They've also become an invaluable hands-on teaching tool for local schools. Since 2016, we've already planted more than 80 fruit trees in seven locations for community use all around De Pere.

The target is to do two orchards per year, and literally have dozens of Urban Orchards throughout the City over time. 

Helpful Harvests

Our Urban Orchards are located in areas that are accessible for residents to pick the fruit and enjoy it. One goal is to have orchards planted in areas where they could potentially serve as a fresh fruit source for families who don’t typically have access to that type of fruit. boy and girl planting tree in de pereBeyond this, De Pere’s Urban Orchards revitalize underutilized city property, create neighborhood activity opportunities and promote awareness on the importance of agriculture and nutrition.

Urban Orchards have direct correlation with our community health initiatives; those being to promote healthy weight and nutrition. By promoting Urban Orchards, we are not only providing access to fresh, healthy and affordable food for the community through edible landscapes, these orchards can serve as a constant presence to raise awareness on nutrition. We want to promote more active, healthy lifestyles in our City.

From kindergartners to high school students, schools have been able to use the orchards as a nice hands-on teaching resource, including everything from showing students how to dig the holes properly while planting, to talking about root systems, securing the trees and explaining the differences in tree species; and so much more. 

Current Locations

  • Westwood Elementary School (planted in 2016)
  • Braisher Park (2016)
  • Voyaguer Park (2017)
  • De Pere Community Center/VFW (2017)group planting urban orchard in de pere
  • De Pere High School (2018)
  • Samantha Park (2018)
  • Foxview Intermediate School (2019)

Ready to Dig in and Volunteer?

No City of De Pere funds are used for Urban Orchard projects. This initiative has been made possible solely through generous donations of money or time by local businesses and volunteer groups and we'd love for you to be next in supporting this awesome community-driven program. To sponsor an orchard, contact Don Melichar, City Forester, at (920) 339-8362 or email