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The Fox River in De Pere provides a wonderful variety of water recreation opportunities, including scenic kayak trips and leisurely boat rides, water and jet skiing; paddleboarding; and one of the most popular and renowned fishing experiences in our region. Here's some helpful information to help you enjoy the water sports and recreation our community has to offer:

Gone fishing ...

If you're looking for XXXXX fishing in Wisconsin, you've come to the right place. De Pere offers XXXXXXXX.
Fishing on shore:
Got your fishing pole and tacklebox all set? Good! De Pere's parks 
Rules & Regulations
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Boat Launch Passes

Boat Launch Locations

Boat Launches

 Fox Fox Point Boat LaunchPoint Boat Launch
 Address:   1075 N. Broadway Street
 Hours:      4:00 am - 11:00 pm
 Ramps:     6 ramps

Amenities:  Restrooms, automated ticket machine, access to Fox River Trail
Directions to Fox Point Boat Launch
Bomier Boat Launch Bomier Boat Launch
 Address:  700 Fox River Drive
 Hours:     4:00 am - 11:00 pm
 Ramps:    1 ramp

Amenities:  Restrooms
Directions to Bomier Boat Launch.
 Perkofski Boat LaunchPerkofski Boat Launch
 Address:   1500 Fort Howard Avenue
 Hours:      4:00 am - 11:00 pm
 Ramps:     1 ramp
Amenities:  Restrooms, automated ticket machine, open shelter, boat docking
Directions to Perkofski (Fairgrounds) Boat Launch.

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Kayak Launch

Boat Launch Conditions 

"Boat launches are open and operational. Good Luck!"

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Boat launch fees & stickers

How much do launch passes cost?
A daily launch fee of $5.00 is required or $35.00 annual fee ($30 annual fee for seniors ages 62 and over).
Where can I buy a boat launch sticker?
Annual boat launch stickers can be purchased at the Park & Recreation Department, 925 S. Sixth Street, Monday thru Friday during regular business hours or City Hall, 1st Floor, 335 S. Broadway Street, Monday thru Friday during regular business hours.
Where can I use my launch passes? 
The annual Launch Pass is valid at all boat launches operated by the City of Green Bay, City of De Pere and Brown County.
How do I need to display my annual launch sticker? 
The annual boat launch sticker must be permanently affixed to the backside of the trailer winch post. If the design of your trailer prohibits the clear view of the sticker, the sticker should be placed on the left side of the winch post in a visible location. An additional sticker is available for $5 for a second trailer only if both boats are registered to the same person. You must provide your registration receipt from your first sticker and proof of ownership of both boats to purchase the second trailer sticker. Registration must be current.

I'm selling my trailer, what should I do with my sticker? 
If you sell or transfer ownership of the trailer a $5 replacement sticker can be obtained by removing the old sticker from the trailer and returning it to the location you purchased it. You must return the old sticker to receive the replacement sticker. If the sticker is not available to return you must contact the Brown County Park Department at 448-6242.