What is the Façade Grant Program?

The Façade Improvement Grant Program allows businesses, or property owners, to be reimbursed for up to 50% of costs, to improve a storefront within Tax Increment Districts No. 7 and No. 9. The maximum award amount is up to $30,000.00 per property over a ten-year period depending on the building’s linear frontage. Development Services staff will work with the applicant to review the project budget before presenting the proposal to the Redevelopment Authority. The below Façade Grant Program Guidelines have been prepared to provide clearer direction for potential applicants and to make the review process more efficient.

What are the Program Objectives?

  • Support the rehabilitation and renovation of exterior building facades in Downtown De Pere.
  • Support the job creation and business development in Downtown De Pere.
  • Support the renovation of historic buildings in Downtown De Pere.

What are the Program Funding Requirements?

Facade Improvement Grant Program provides $1 of city funds for $1 of private funds for eligible expenses (100% match). The grant maximum is determined by the length of building, measured along the total linear frontage of adjacent public right of way, up to $30,000 per property.

Building Width Maximum Grant Amount

  • 1’ to 60’ $10,000
  • 61’-120’ $20,000
  • 121’+ $30,000

Property owners are limited to the grant maximum amount every ten years and for projects restoring or renovating historic buildings (must be listed as contributing on the City of De Pere Intensive Survey), interior improvements and roof repair/replacement may be included in the project budget for the required matching dollars, but cannot be funded with facade grant dollars. 

Full program guidelines and application can be found here: 

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