Schedule & Times

When is my collection and what if I missed my collection?  

Everything you need to know regarding garbage and recycling collection dates, when you should place your carts out for collection, what holidays impact our schedule, and what happens if you miss putting out your items can be found here

Accepted Garbage & Recycling Items

What can I put in my garbage cart?

Household generated waste can be placed in your green garbage cart with the exception of the following items:

  • Recyclable materials
  • Electronics
  • Household hazardous waste
  • Brush and yard waste 

What can I put in my blue recycle cart?

The City of De Pere collects recycling in a single-stream system. This means all of your recyclable materials can be mixed together in your cart and loose. Please do not place your recyclable materials inside plastic bags.

  • Plastic 
    • All plastic bottles and containers 
    • Household bottles, jars & jugs
    • Dairy containers & lids
    • Produce, bakery & deli containers & lids
    • NO PLASTIC BAGS or FILM, motor oil bottles, or styrofoam
  • Paper
    • Newspapers
    • Cardboard & paperboard
    • Milk, juice & soup cartons
    • Office & school paper
    • Junk mail & catalogs
    • Phonebooks, books & magazines
    • NO tissue paper or pet food bags
    • NO shredded paper
  • Metal
    • Aluminum bottles & cans
    • Steel & tin cans
    • Empty aerosol cans
    • NO aluminum pans or foil, paint cans, or scrap metal
  • Glass
    • Food & beverage bottles & jars
    • NO window glass, ceramics, china, or drinking glasses

Missed or Incomplete Collection

My cart appears to only have been partially emptied, what happened?

This may occur when items have been jammed or frozen into the cart. All materials must be able to free-fall out of the cart to ensure collections are sufficiently completed.

My cart was missed during my scheduled collection, what now?

Please call the Public Works Department to report (920-339-4060). We may have a few additional questions surrounding the missed collection including: what time your cart was out at the curb for collection, whether the lid is closed, and if you noticed anyone else in your neighborhood being missed. 

Too much garbage

What if I have more garbage and recycling than what fits in my cart?

Learn about our overflow garbage collection opportunities here.

If I put items outside of my cart, will they get picked up during my normal collection time?

No. Staff will only pick up what is inside the cart or tagged with overflow tags. To learn more about overflow garbage tags and collection, click here

Cart Placement, Storage & Damage

How do I set my carts out for collection?

Information on cart placement can be found here

Where should I store my carts when they are not at the curb for collection?

Information on cart storage can be found here

My cart is damaged, how do I get it fixed or replaced?

Damaged carts should be reported to the Public Works Department by calling the office at 920-339-4060.

Printable Guidelines