Green While We Clean

You may notice crews from De Pere Public Works' Street Division - or at least hear them humming along - sweeping neighborhood streets. Something many don't realize, though, is just how much cleaning this truly does. Most years, there is well over 325 TONS of sweepings removed from our streets and brought to the landfill. 
Here's a bit more about our sweeping process: 
Public Works crews sweep as soon as the weather lets them in spring. They will sweep into the fall until the winter weather hits. They sweep our downtown weekly. The residential and industrial parks get swept anywhere from 8 to 12 passes in a season depending on their start and finish times.

Also, since you may spot a "Green While We Clean" decal on our trucks, it's worth mentioning that in our City's continuous pursuit of sustainability, our two street sweepers are both powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engines instead of diesel engines. With CNG, our trucks emit less carbon emissions and are much more fuel-efficient. 

If you have any questions about our street sweeping process, please call Public Works at (920) 339-4060.