Phenomenal Fishing Awaits in De Pere

The City of De Pere and the Fox River are renowned for the abundant and scenic fishing opportunities throughout each season of the year. We hope you enjoy everything the Fox River has to offer. 

Of special note, in spring, the City of De Pere becomes a tremendously popular walleye fishing location as many of Lake Michigan's fish migrate up our river to spawn, finding warmer water near the De Pere dam. Spawning for walleye typically begins in the first half of March and goes until the end of April. Expect heavy boat traffic during this time period. 

Beyond that, the Fox River features year-round fishing opportunities, both on boat and in several designated public shore areas on City-owned land. This also includes a scenic fishing pier located off the Riverwalk adjacent to Voyageur Park. The Fox River has walleye, sauger, muskellunge, channel catfish, sturgeon, bass and much more. 


No fishing or casting in any manner is allowed inside the De Pere Dam Fish Refuge boundaries from March 1 through May 31. The area of the Fish Refuge on the Fox River is from the De Pere Dam downstream to the downstream side of the Wisconsin Public Service power lines extending from the east short of the river, across to the northeasterly corner of the paper mill building. 

No casting into the refuge. No fishing in any manner upstream of the designated power lines. 

No person shall fish from the Riverwalk sidewalk, viewing pier and abutments thereto or viewing platforms. 

NOTE: More specific details, maps and graphics are coming soon to this page.