Fire Department Contract


Police Department Contract


City Of De Pere Employee Policy Manual


Policy Manual Addendums:

Addendum A:

Table of Organization


Addendum B:

Employee Acknowledgment of Manual Form


Addendum C:

Employee Acknowledgment of Manual Form (City Officers and Public Safety)


Addendum D:

Recruitment Policy


Addendum E:

Release of Information/Records Request Form


Addendum F:

Purchasing Policy


Addendum G:

Grievance Policy and Procedure and Employee Grievance Form


Addendum H:

Locker Room Conduct Policy


Addendum I:

Dress Code/Appearance and Demeanor Policy


Addendum J:

Ethics Code and Policy


Addendum K:

Outside Employment Waiver Request Form


Addendum L:

Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Policy


Addendum M:

Conceal/Carry Prohibition Policy


Addendum N:

Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy


Addendum O:

Use of Vehicle and CDL Requirements Policy


Addendum P:

Acceptable Use of Electronic and Social Media


Addendum Q:

Performance Award Nomination Process/Form


Addendum R:

Sick Leave Program and Policy


Addendum S:

Employee Request for Consider of Vacation Donation


Addendum T:

Voluntary Unpaid Leave Program


Addendum U:

Family Medical Leave Policy and Leave Application


Addendum V:

Furlough Policy


Addendum W:

Temporary Light Duty-Return to Work Program


Addendum X:

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan


Addendum Y:

Emergency Operations Plan


Addendum Z:

Technology Use


Addendum AA:

FLSA Safe Harbor Policy


Addendum BB:



Addendum CC:

Workplace Safety & Reporting Injuries and Illness


Addendum DD:

Wisconsin Bone Marrow and Organ Donation Leave