Water staff are currently out locating all curb stop shut off valves for the upcoming city wide leak detection project. They are starting on the east side, and working north to south. When the east side is finished they will start the west side as well.

Once they have wrapped up the locating process, they will review their list of issues and go back to address the curb boxes that need to be lowered from the frost. This work will be taking place over the next month.

🔸City wide leak detection project. This entails water staff performing a complete survey of the city ... locating all of the residential curb boxes-shut off valves. Those valves will be painted or marked with a blue flag to identify their location. The curb box lowering and locating for leak detection may take place simultaneously in some cases.

🔸City wide curb box lowering. This entails water staff to perform a complete city survey of all residential shut off valves. If the frost has pushed those curb boxes up higher than the normal grading then staff will lower them back down.