In past years several presentations were made to senior citizen groups in the community.  There is a need for expansion of programs on safety to seniors based on national statistics. 

Presentations was are made at the college for security personnel to assure an understanding of the procedures we want followed in the event of a fire.  One of these presentations proceeded a small fire that was handled by these same personnel, resulting in minor damages and no casualties.

The Fire safety message is presented to approximately 1300 children, in kindergarten through third grades, in De Pere's public and private schools.  This is our largest target audience and requires that we start delivering lessons in September continuing until the end of October, the intent is to deliver the safety message to every child in the city for four full years.

Every year in the fall the fire department recommends changing the batteries in all smoke detectors during daylight savings time.  On duty fire fighters change the batteries in smoke detectors of any senior citizens requesting assistance and provide a limited number of batteries for detectors, where necessary.  The Fire Department also provides several home safety survey inspections to residents who request this service for added peace of mind. This is a voluntary program that has an educational basis that assists homeowners in identifying and correcting potential hazards.  Over 80% of all fatalities from fires occur in the home.