Heavy Truck Route Map

Click here to view the Heavy Truck Route Map for the City of De Pere.

Restrictions on truck travel within city limits

Per City Ordinance 150-15 no heavy traffic shall be operated or moved on any highway, street or alley not designated as part of the heavy truck route, except for the purpose of obtaining orders for supplies or moving or delivering supplies or commodities to or from any place of business or residence which has an entrance on such highway, street or alley. 

List of streets designated as heavy truck routes

  1. North and South Broadway Street.
  2. Lawrence Drive from Main Avenue to Fortune Avenue.
  3. Red Maple Road.
  4. All county trunk highways within the city's boundaries.
  5. American Boulevard.
  6. Fortune Avenue.
  7. Venture Avenue.
  8. East Matthew Drive.
  9. West Matthew Drive.
  10. Suburban Drive south of Scheuring Road.
  11. Heritage Road.
  12. Enterprise Drive, North and South.
  13. Millennium Drive.
  14. Commerce Drive.
  15. O'Keefe Road from Enterprise Drive to County Trunk Highway PP.
  16. Destiny Drive.
  17. Profit Place.
  18. USH 41 Frontage Road from south city limits to Southbridge Road.
  19. Southbridge Road from USH 41 Frontage Road to American Boulevard.
  20. Innovation Court.
  21. Prosper Street.
  22. All state highways within the city's boundaries.
  23. Richco Road.
  24. Rockland Road from STH 32/57 to CTH PP.